Keeping together long distance families: technology as a social actor

"Te iubeste mama!"/"Mamma ti vuole bene!"

Author: Ionescu, Mădălina
Journal: Social Evolution & History. Volume 16, Number 1 / March 2017


seh-2017_1The article examines how communication tools became social actors for family members separated due to economic migra-tion and for parenting from abroad. Media and movies became aware of social problem in communication within long dis-tance families, and they are not only witnessing but support the connection within families and reshape themselves. The paper analyses video clips from artistic and political background and legal framework on child protection along with statistics on economic migration. Social actor attribution of technology is acknowledgment of two-way street in communication. Win-Win strategies in telecommunication and social assistance legislation (must) meet needs of parents working abroad, children left behind, elderly sitting households and grandchildren.

Honored to have contributed to this study Silvia Dumitrache & Proiectul „Te iubeste mama!”

Articol despre rolul social al tehnologiei

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